”After years of racing around, I realised that it was within my power to set my own course in life. This required a big step change and the ability to delegate and create the time I needed to become the best I could and get as much enjoyment from life as possible.                             

Many friends asked me to help them achieve their work / life balance and now I absolutely love doing this as a job.

They say that if you want something done, ask a busy person. I am that person and with my team, I can streamline your life”.

    Tracy-Jane Phippen

    Founder, Equilibrium Life.

Our founder has a diverse history in business.  This makes her the ideal concierge and allows her clients to benefit from her multi-faceted approach to life. Fifteen years working for the Ministry of Defence has made her a paragon of discretion and organisation. With an additional twelve years in the Corporate Sales arena, she has an acute understanding of how life’s pressures can easily become the thieves of time.

She has great energy and capacity for change and a great willingness to help others create the work / life balance she has achieved for herself. Four years ago, she decided to refresh her life, relocating to the beautiful Dorset coast where she became living proof that with a little help you can have it all. 

Lifestyle Management and Personal Concierge Services